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Cleaning of PCB plate. The electronic industry, the vast majority of enterprises in the use of PCB, the flux PCB components welded by divided into water soluble, rosin and free cleaning type three kinds, the use of more for the former two, using ultrasonic cleaning (there is a lot of using alcohol scrub), free cleaning type it should no cleaning, however, most manufacturers of the world even with no clean type flux welding assembly, still need to be cleaned. Especially in the high density PCB and high density IC feet without cleaning or not by ultrasonic cleaning, will cause between the high density line and between IC feet dust absorption, once the environmental humidity is big, prone to high density line and feet short circuit fault occurs, and once the dry environment, short circuit fault and disappear, this kind of fault is not easy to find. So the world's electronic factory have insisted for ultrasonic cleaning on the PCB board. In China, the military electronic equipment factory has been extended, and received as this can improve the reliability of products, but also reduce the double benefit of after sale service cost. Development and application of dynamic cleaning in electronic industry cleaning has been at the forefront of the industry.


Connector, connector, adaptor device production, electroplating and before the assembly must be clean, otherwise the dust absorption, in these parts of the oil will influence the conductive and insulating performance, especially some complex multi pin connector.


Cleaning electronic material processing molding after. Such as wafer, wafer, piezoelectric ceramic piece and other electronic materials supply components manufacturers of products, the product the factory before cleaning, in particular to make export manufacturers, their products cleaning has become a major problem, ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective way.


Substrate cleaning electronic components. The matrix of electronic components are made of semiconductor materials and packaged in metal or plastic shell seat in the form, before packaging, not only on the shell seat must be cleaned, but also must be cleaned on the matrix, such as IC chips, resistance, crystal, semiconductor, original film circuit etc..